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English Lit Optional Bundle

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About the Ebook

As a UPSC student, you know the significance of of choosing the right optional subject is a very meticulous task. I understand that you have made the decision to choose English Literature as your optional subject after much research and you want to score the highest possible marks in order to achieve your goal of clearing the UPSC exam!

English Literature, with its vast syllabus and intricate concepts, demands diligent preparation. However, the lack of comprehensive study material often leaves candidates uncertain about the preparation.

This bundle of 3 E-books serves as the beacon of hope for all the aspirants who want to choose English Literature as their optional subject. From literary periods to critical analysis, from historical contexts to life & works of all the relevant authors, there’s everything is covered in the optional syllabus.

The key advantage of this E-book is its focus on minute details about each topic, which will be helpful to score full marks in Mains and final interview.

The E-book is user friendly and whether you’re a beginner looking to build your foundation or an experienced candidate aiming for perfection in your preparation, it caters to all levels of proficiency.


Exam oriented approach


Updated content as per the syllabus on UPSC website


Well researched


Comprehensive coverage

What You'll Learn

What You'll Learn Here


LIFE AND WORKS OF AUTHORS, Everything about the authors, their lives and their worlds. From understanding the socio

cultural influences that shaped their writings to analysing the themes that prevalent in their works.


LITERARY PERIODS, Comprehensive overview of all the literary periods which have defined the evolution of English Literature.


POEMS, PLAYS & NOVELS, Everything critically analysed and summarised for proper understanding of each chapter. Gain understanding of themes, characters, literary devices and so on.

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